Intuitive, results-driven technology platform and tools

What keeps our technology ahead of the curve? It is our dedication to continued innovation – with robust search capabilities, superior navigation, and one-source booking capabilities – on our informative members-only Extranet.

Ensemble Travel® Group’s advanced technology platforms are a bold complement to our cutting-edge marketing. We employ a dynamic three-pronged strategy – an external portal, booking engines, and exclusive agreements with key third-party tech companies – that allows you to conduct your business efficiently and effectively … and as profitably as possible.

We couple these tools with the progressive customer segmentation we apply to our print and digital marketing tactics to help you grow your business.

Ensemble Member Portal

Ensemble Member Portal

The Ensemble member portal is a powerful website platform for our more than 8,000 users in the U.S. and Canada, and their network of preferred partners. It is the singular place for everything Ensemble. Key benefits include:

  • Preferred Supplier Directory – easy access to our entire roster of preferred suppliers as well as what they offer, where they operate, how much commission they pay, and how to book Ensemble® Exclusive products with them
  • Intuitive Technology – single point-of-reference houses all the travel information and assets members need to conduct business and make sales
  • Extensive Search Capabilities – functionality streamlines the ability to review hundreds of cruise and land offers and member familiarization trip information, search for suppliers and/or find suppliers by destination, register for specialization and certification training, and access marketing information
  • E-newsletter Archives – allows members to reference the latest and previous weekly Ensemble and supplier communications for hotel, land, and cruise

Booking Engines: Ensemble Express

Navigate Cruise Booking Engine

Members are privy to immediate access to key booking engines. Each is a perfect-designed tool – especially for those agencies without a GDS or for those who need access to special net-rate pricing.

And with one-click – getting results has never been easier. Sweeping search functionality and the ability to capture all inventory and thousands of Ensemble Travel® Group exclusive offers prove to be major time savers with:

  • Aviate
  • Car Express
  • Cruise Express
  • Hotel Express
  • Navigate
  • On Location Express

Ensemble Tech Partners + Savvy Customer Segmentation Tools

We have aligned ourselves with key third-party tech companies to create win-win-win scenarios for members. These partnerships include:

  • ClientBase/Trams – Benefits include the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool designed specifically for travel agencies to maintain complete customer profiles, travel history, and marketing activity records.
  • E-Matrix – powered by ClientBase – Makes our e-mail marketing solutions turnkey with promotional messages and actionable offers sent to pre-designated client lists. Recipients are automatically and selectively targeted, and full results are measured.

In addition to the intuitive, content-rich platforms, tech-savvy marketing technology is employed for our print and digital tactics. We utilize sophisticated customer segmentation solutions – demographic, psychographic, economic, and transactional data – to target your most receptive customers. This segmentation process sets Ensemble apart in the travel industry.