Award-winning turnkey marketing with sophisticated database segmentation

What makes our marketing different and effective? It is a trio of strategies ­– flexibility, innovation, and cost-effectiveness – that leads to a world of possibilities for your agency. Ensemble does not believe in a one-size-fits-all practice: We want you to stand out in the marketplace.

Whether your agency specializes in traditional retail sales or focuses on e-commerce, Ensemble Travel® Group’s turnkey marketing services offer a number of choices based on your business model and budget – and frees you to focus on selling and earning.

Through both print and digital marketing, your agency will:

  • Strengthen your agency-client relationships
  • Retain existing clients by building customer loyalty
  • Grow your customer base by attracting new clients
  • Capitalize on consumer trends
  • Stand out in the marketplace
  • Grow sales and profit

Award-Winning Print & Integrated Marketing

Vacations Magazine

Vacations Magazine

Our award-winning and fully integrated marketing programs are second-to-none. What’s more, we utilize sophisticated customer segmentation – through demographic, psychographic, economic, and transactional data – to help you identify and market the right product to the right customer. Client interests, resources, past purchase behavior … we use it all to hone our messages and product delivery. The payback = greater ROI + customer loyalty for you. Examples include:

Ensemble® Vacations

Our award-winning flagship publication for the affluent traveler, Ensemble Vacations® magazine, inspires the customer through first-person accounts of unique travel experiences. Ensemble Exclusive offers are also featured in the magazine.


DestinationVows is an exclusive specialty program created specifically for Ensemble Travel members with personalized DestinationVows publications, a personalized microsite, monthly scheduled supplier webinars and an annual conference dedicated to building your destination wedding and honeymoon business.

Ensemble® Hotel & Resort Collection

For the luxury market, our Ensemble® Hotel & Resort Collection is a directory of over 600 four-and five-star properties around the world, combining preferential treatment with Ensemble Exclusive amenities and services. The Collection’s “Off-the-Beaten-Path” properties provide a more unique, yet high-end experience. Book published once per year.

Ensemble® Hosted Cruise Collection

The industry benchmark Ensemble® Hosted Cruise Collection brochures highlight the Hosted Cruise experience and the Ensemble Exclusive benefits of booking with an Ensemble agent.

Ensemble® Small Ship & River Cruising

Ensemble® Small Ship & River Cruising brochure for upscale clients is on-trend, highlights the benefits of niche cruising, and features Ensemble Exclusive supplier offers.

Travelers Table

Ensemble's The Traveler's Table magazine seeks to pair foodies with their ultimate culinary getaways, and drive customers to book through their Ensemble-member travel agent. Culinary travel is an exciting niche market and one of the largest growing segments in the travel industry.

Targeted Direct Mail

Our Targeted Direct Mail pieces are supplier-specific with tactical promotional offers that are automatically matched to the ideal consumer target within a member’s database.

Digital Marketing

Ensemble E-zine

With enough cell phones to populate the world and an average of 24 electronic gadgets per household, online activity continues to increase exponentially. And savvy travelers are serious about researching destinations and deals online. Our digital “turnkey” and “do-it-yourself” tools are designed to inspire travel, stimulate leads, drive sales, and keep you top-of-mind with your clients. Here’s how:

Ensemble® E-zine

Ensemble® E-zine is a monthly consumer online magazine with destination articles, cruise features, videos, ship reviews, recipes, and special offers. Your agency’s contact information and staff bios can be added seamlessly. Social media integration allows your clients and prospects to pass this along to friends and family – with all roads leading back to your agency.

Ensemble® E-Matrix

Ensemble® E-Matrix – powered by ClientBase – is a dynamic e-marketing program that targets customers using transactional data and other customer segmentation for a variety of Ensemble-created digital promotions. Its convenient interface allows you to easily view campaign results.

Ensemble® Hosted Cruise E-Newsletter

Ensemble® Hosted Cruise E-Newsletter is a quarterly online newsletter showcasing an extensive collection of sailings and Ensemble Exclusive enhancements.

Targeted E-mails

Targeted E-mails include supplier-specific promotional messages and offers that are sent to pre-designated client lists, either automatically through our Ensemble E-Matrix program or manually with easy, do-it-yourself instructions.

Customizable Agency Websites

Ensemble ClientSites

Ensemble® ClientSites provide a sophisticated, easy-to-use consumer website, branded for the individual agency and hosted by Ensemble. Changes are managed via a drag-and-drop interface, while an editor tool allows videos, photographs, maps, and text to be added or deleted with a few simple keystrokes.

Choose from more than 70 design templates to customize your own branded website or build your own design with HTML and CSS coding directly in the editor tool. In fact, our members have already received industry accolades for their award-winning ClientSite designs.

The sites also integrate all social media tools – tools that your agency may already be using or might want to introduce. Blogging features make updating a breeze and the platform supports an unlimited number of blogs within a website; full comment moderation offers open, moderated, or closed conversation.

Most importantly, your site enables your clients to search for thousands of Ensemble exclusive and non-exclusive travel offers, including our Ensemble® Hosted Cruises and Ensemble® Hotel & Resort Collection.

Member Marketing Plans

When it’s time to sign up for your annual marketing plan, we’re eager to hear all about your particular business model and agency needs. This ensures a marketing solution that’s right for you. Forget the one-size-fits-all approach … it is simply not how we do business at Ensemble Travel® Group. With print and digital components, your plan can provide from 80 to over 100 potential “touch points” with your clients each year. You choose the plan that’s right for you and we save you time and money while building your brand, client relationships, and sales.