Meet our leadership team

Our organisation has offices in New York and Toronto. The business development team works one-on-one with your agency in the field and is supported by member services groups in each country. The marketing team provides strategic plans to suit your business model as well as create and execute tactical products – tailored by country and/or region – that make your agency stand out in the marketplace.

Our executive and senior staff teams are accessible, available, and engaged. They have garnered a host of industry kudos – from personal acknowledgements to print and technology awards recognition – and are respected, forward thinkers by their industry peers. Let’s meet the executive leadership:

David Harris  |  Chief Executive Officer

David Harris

David Harris was appointed to the newly-created position of CEO of Ensemble Travel Group in March 2019. 

He joins the team with more than 35 years of experience, working in the travel industry for his entire professional career following his completion of a B.A in Mathematics from York University.

In fact, travel runs in his blood. His parents opened a travel agency franchise in 1982 that Harris purchased when they retired in 1995. He then served as the President and sole Owner of M. Ross Harris Travel Limited, operating three consumer-facing travel brands – Orion Travelinx, Voyageur Travel and Charrisma Travel Group (all Ensemble members for 19 years) – until he sold the business in March 2019 to assume his current position.

Harris has a proven track record of helping build Ensemble’s strategic vision, championing member-centric initiatives (such as Shareholder parity) during his service as Chair and Vice Chair of Ensemble’s North American Board – positions he held for four years. He has also participated in the business as a Director on numerous committees of the Board including Finance, Australia, Executive, Acquisitions and Compensation & Review. In addition, he was first elected to the Canadian Advisory Board for Ensemble in 2008 and was then nominated and elected as a Director to the North American Board for Ensemble in 2013. In 2017, Harris and his daughter Lauren were awarded the Ensemble Agency Excellence award for engagement.

Harris is based in Toronto but spends up to two weeks each month in New York.

Helen Enriquez  |  Vice President of Product Development and Technology Solutions, North America

Helen Enriquez

Helen Enriquez joined Ensemble Travel Group in May 2017 to lead a global Product Development and Technology Solutions department. Helen and her team are passionate about exploring and developing both third-party and self-built technology platforms with a focus on enhancing the travel advisor experience and supporting members in the growth of their business. The department has developed unique business intelligence and data monetization programs, partnered with best in class online platforms, support services and communication tools tailored to the diverse membership in the Ensemble group. Ms. Enriquez spent much of her career integrating products and services across various industries including healthcare, banking, spirits and entertainment before entering the travel field. Her subsequent 25 years of travel industry experience comes from partnering on innovation from the corporate buyer side at a global manufacturing company, deploying Sabre’s GetThere corporate products, and managing and collaborating on travel technology platforms across The Travel Leaders brands.

Enriquez first caught the technology bug at New York University after switching from her passion for creative writing to a focus in New Media and Internet Technologies. She equates the adventure that is travel with the journey to creating happy technology customers. Much like her many journeys to visit family in Serbia and the Adriatic coast, explore the highlands and lochs of Scotland, and tour the canyons of the western U.S. by motorcycle, Enriquez says technology allows her to venture into the unknown and has become a place she likes to visit over and over again!